@hackage kan-extensions5.2.6

Kan extensions, Kan lifts, the Yoneda lemma, and (co)density (co)monads


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This package provides tools for working with various Kan extensions and Kan lifts in Haskell.

Among the interesting bits included are:

  • Right and left Kan extensions (Ran and Lan)
  • Right and left Kan lifts (Rift and Lift)
  • Multiple forms of the Yoneda lemma (Yoneda)
  • The Codensity monad, which can be used to improve the asymptotic complexity of code over free monads (Codensity, Density)
  • A "comonad to monad-transformer transformer" that is a special case of a right Kan lift. (CoT, Co)

Contact Information

Contributions and bug reports are welcome!

Please feel free to contact me through github or on the #haskell IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.

-Edward Kmett