@hackage effect-monad0.8.0.0

Embeds effect systems and program logics into Haskell using graded monads and parameterised monads

Provides the graded monad structure to Haskell via Control.Effect with a number of analogs of familiar monads and some new things: Reader, Writer, State, Maybe, Counter, Update and a wrapper over normal monads (Control.Effect.Monad). This provides a way to embed effect systems into Haskell. For more information see the paper "Embedding effect systems in Haskell" by Orchard and Petricek http://dorchard.co.uk/publ/haskell14-effects.pdf (Haskell, 2014) Also provides the parameterised monad structure due to Atkey in Control.Effect.Parameterised along with some instances: AtomicState, SafeFiles, ExtensibleState and the examples in https://github.com/dorchard/effect-monad/tree/master/examples. (note, this package was previously called ixmonad until September 2014).