@hackage zeolite-lang0.24.1.0

Zeolite is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language.

Zeolite is an experimental general-purpose programming language. See Zeolite on GitHub for more details.

The installation process is still a bit rough, and therefore must be done in a few stages:

  • Ensure that you have a C++ compiler such as clang++ or g++ installed, and an archiver such as ar installed, all callable from a shell.

  • Install the binaries using cabal. After this step, the compiler itself is installed, but it cannot actually create executables from source code.

cabal install zeolite-lang
  • Execute the setup binary that gets installed by cabal. This will give you a series of prompts to verify the binaries above. It will then automatically build the supporting libraries.

# By default, setup is interactive.

# To choose the c++ and ar binaries non-interactively, include them as args.
zeolite-setup /usr/bin/clang++ /usr/bin/ar

# Or just choose the 1st match for each.
zeolite-setup 1 1

# Use -j n before other options to execute n steps at a time in parallel.
zeolite-setup -j 4
ZEOLITE_PATH=$(zeolite --get-path)
zeolite -p "$ZEOLITE_PATH/example/hello" -I lib/util --fast HelloDemo hello-demo.0rx

The code examples are located in $ZEOLITE_PATH/example. You should not normally need to use $ZEOLITE_PATH outside of running the included tests and examples.