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Parse Microsoft Excel xls files (BIFF/Excel 97-2004)

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Haskell xls Parsing

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xls is a Haskell library to parse Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files. It parses the xls file format (extension .xls) more specifically known as BIFF/Excel 97-2004.

It can be useful for mining data from old Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.


Use decodeXlsIO to get a list of all worksheets. For example to convert all worksheets in an xls file to comma separated csv:

import Data.List (intercalate)
import Data.Xls (decodeXlsIO)

xlsToCSV :: String -> IO ()
xlsToCSV file = do
    worksheets <- decodeXlsIO file
    mapM_ (mapM_ (putStrLn . intercalate ",")) worksheets

An xls2csv utility is shipped with the package. See the haddock documentation for API details.

Under the hood

The library is based on the C library libxls.

See Also

  • xlsior: Streaming Excel (xslx) file generation and parsing
  • xlsx: Excel xslx file parser/writer


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