@hackage stc-lang1.0.0

A library for implicit, monadic dataflow parallelism

STCLang: A library for implicit monadic dataflow parallelism

STCLang is a library that enables stateful, implicit, monadic parallel computation in Haskell. The core ideas come from the ohua project.

STCLang lets you create parallel dataflows with stateful nodes without having to explicitly wire complex graph structures. Instead the program is written with an embedded, monadic DSL and automatically transformed into a graph and executed in parallel.

On top of the base abstraction we have also built an FRP (functional reactive programming) interface. This allows you to run reactive programs on sequential streams of values and leverage pipeline parallelism to peed up computation.

We also published the theory and concepts behind this library.


We documented the principles in this library in a paper at Haskell'2019.

A link to the publication will appear here once we have one, e.t.a. is 22th of August (date of the conference). Should it be after this date now, but there's still no link, I probably forgot. In that case open an issue, shoot me an email or tweet me @justusadam_.