@hackage internetmarke0.0.4

Shell command for constructing custom stamps for German Post

The German Post provides the service http://www.internetmarke.de/ where you can order, download and print stamps in a few seconds. The stamps are shipped as a PDF and consist of a unique Data Matrix Code and a picture to its left side. However you can only choose from a restricted number of pictures. Many people have asked for custom pictures on the stamps, but the German Post does not like to be held responsible for the pictures people may upload.

With this program you can rearrange the stamps you have downloaded, in case you have a label sheet which is not provided by the Post company, and you can add your own picture to the stamps. What about unique stamps with the Haskell logo?

The construction of the new PDF file is done using the HPDF library. However, for analysing the PDF shipped by the Post company, the program invokes various other programs:

  • pdfimages, pdftotext from xpdf-tools.rpm

  • pnmtojpeg from netpbm.rpm

It's also good if you have wget installed for fetching the logo of the German Post.