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Backwards-compatible orphan instances for base


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base-orphans defines orphan instances that mimic instances available in later versions of base to a wider (older) range of compilers. base-orphans does not export anything except the orphan instances themselves and complements base-compat.

About base-orphans-0

base-orphans-0 is a special release that intentionally does not export any modules. base-orphans-0 is used when retroactively adding base-orphans dependencies to older Hackage libraries to ensure that they cannot be built in combination with more recent versions of base-orphans that would cause them to break. (For example, if a package defines an orphan instance which clashes with one in base-orphans.)

Supported versions of GHC/base

  • ghc-8.0.1 / base-
  • ghc-7.10.3 / base-
  • ghc-7.10.2 / base-
  • ghc-7.10.1 / base-
  • ghc-7.8.4 / base-
  • ghc-7.8.3 / base-
  • ghc-7.8.2 / base-
  • ghc-7.8.1 / base-
  • ghc-7.6.3 / base-
  • ghc-7.6.2 / base-
  • ghc-7.6.1 / base-
  • ghc-7.4.2 / base-
  • ghc-7.4.1 / base-
  • ghc-7.2.2 / base-
  • ghc-7.2.1 / base-
  • ghc-7.0.4 / base-
  • ghc-7.0.3 / base-
  • ghc-7.0.2 / base-
  • ghc-7.0.1 / base-

We also make an attempt to keep base-orphans building with GHC HEAD, but due to its volatility, it may not work at any given point in time. If it doesn't, please report it!

Patches are welcome; add tests for new code!