@hackage algebraic-graphs-io0.5.0.1

I/O utilities and datasets for algebraic-graphs


This package collects I/O utilities for algebraic-graphs : parsers and serializers for common graph data interchange formats, as well as functionality for downloading and caching larger datasets.


Currently the following formats are supported :

  • GML : used by a few common graph software packages (NetworkX, Gephi, graphviz, and others)

  • .tsv : tab-separated list of edge data, used e.g. for the Graph Challenge dataset [1]

  • JSON : via 'aeson'

  • CBOR : via 'serialise'


The package contains some small example datasets (e.g. "lesmiserables" and "karateclub"); these are provided ready for consumption in Algebra.Graph.IO.Datasets.

There are also bindings to larger datasets, such as the ones provided by the LINQS group [2] (e.g. "citeseer" and "cora").


PRs and contributions welcome!


[1] GraphChallenge https://graphchallenge.mit.edu/data-sets

[2] LINQS https://linqs.soe.ucsc.edu/data