Automatic inductive functional programmer by systematic search

MagicHaskeller is an inductive functional programming system for Haskell. This package contains the MagicHaskeller library, which can be used within GHCi or as an API for inductive program synthesis. It also contains the MagicHaskeller executable that is a standalone synthesis program which can be used interactively or as a backend server, and the MagicHaskeller.cgi executable that is a CGI frontend for providing the Web interface.

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    @hackage/hanabi-dealer, @hackage/acme-everything
  • Package Flags

       (off by default)

      Use the tf-random package instead of the random package

       (on by default)

      Enable execution using the GHC API rather than the combinatory interpreter

       (off by default)

      Use GHC-API's compatibility helper.

       (on by default)

      Enable to read a component library file

       (off by default)

      Enable to read a component library file using haskell-src-exts

       (off by default)

      Force typechecking at each dynamic application

       (on by default)

      Find Network.URI in network-uri rather than in network < 2.6 (This is a workaround for the changes made in those packages.)

       (on by default)

      Introduce Semigroup as the superclass of Monoid.