@hackage Crypto4.2.5.2

Common Cryptographic Algorithms in Pure Haskell

This packages provides many of the commonly used cryptographic algorithms, such as

  • DES

  • Blowfish

  • AES

  • TEA

  • SHA-1

  • SHA-2 (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512)

  • MD5

  • RSA

  • PKCS#5 Padding

  • HMAC

  • Ciper Block Chaining (CBC) mode

Moreover, this package also provides an implementation of the Bubble Babble Binary Data Encoding specification and miscellaneous utilties.

The library in this package is implemented in pure Haskell2010 (plus currently the FlexibleInstances and TypeSynonymInstances extensions) and thus should be fairly portable. However, it shouldn't be expected to be the most performant possible Haskell cryptographic library; for instance, for optimized implementations of Hash algorithms, see the cryptohash-* family.