@hackage AERN-Basics2011.1.0.1

foundational type classes for approximating exact real numbers

Type-classes abstracting various kinds of approximations for exact entities:

  • those that are near to the exact value due to limited granularity (eg floating point numbers with fixed granularity (aka precision) approximating real numbers or bounded-degree polynomials with floating point coefficients approximating continuous functions)

  • those that somehow enclose the exact entity, usually using a pair of endpoints

Type classes are provided to capture:

  • the partial, sometimes semi-decided, natural ordering (<=) used in relation to nearness

  • the partial, sometimes semi-decided, refinement ordering (⊑) used in relation to enclosure

This package does not compile with ghc 7.0.* due to a compiler bug that has been fixed for the 7.2.1 release. Haddock documentation can be found via http://code.google.com/p/aern/wiki/Main.