Changelog of @hackage/tagged-exception-core

ChangeLog / ReleaseNotes


  • Deprecating module Control.Monad.TaggedException.Utilities, definitions from it were moved in to Control.Monad.TaggedException.Core. (change)
  • Type Throws has now instance for Generic1, but only on GHC >=7.10, due to PolyKinds. (new)
  • HiddenException instances for AllocationLimitExceeded and Void, both defined in base >=4.8. (new)
  • HiddenException instance for TypeError, defined in base >=4.9. (new)
  • Bumped upper bound of transformers package to include 0.5.* branch. (change)


  • Relaxing upper bound on exceptions package to include versions up to 0.8.*. (new)
  • Not uploaded on to Hackage, instead opted to modify package metadata of release.


  • Builds on GHC from 7.4 to 7.10, later with base 4.8. (change)

  • Bumping transformers bounds to include 0.4.* versions. (change)

  • Dropped last threads of support for base <= 4.5; it hadn't worked anyway since exceptions ==0.6 depend on base >=4.5 && <5. (breaking change)

  • Instances for mtl >=2.1 package. Package exceptions already depends on mtl, so it doesn't make sense to shy away from them. (new)

  • Introduced unsafe functions (new):

        :: (((a -> m b) -> m' c) -> m'' d)
        -> ((a -> Throws e m b) -> Throws e m' c) -> Throws e m'' d
        :: (forall a. m a -> Throws e n a)
        -> Throws e' m b -> Throws e n b
        :: (forall a. m a -> n a)
        -> Throws e m b -> Throws e' n b
  • Documentation updates. (new)

  • Uploaded to Hackage: