Changelog of @hackage/model 0.5

Significant and compatibility-breaking changes.

Version 0.5: - model.cabal: relaxed dependent packages upper bounds - Data.Model.Util: removed properMutualGroups, mutualGroups, transitiveClosure (moved to

Version 0.4.4: - minor cabal and documentation fixes

Version 0.4.2: - model.cabal: added upper bounds for dependencies - Data.Model.Util: added error handling utilities

Version 0.4.1: Cosmetic changes to documentation

Version 0.4: - Data.Model.Types: - Modified type of 'constructors' and 'constructorInfo' - Removed instances of StringLike (replaced with Convertible) - Modified behaviour of conversion from String to QualName - Data.Model.Util: - modified type of 'mutualGroups' and 'transitiveClosure' - added some error handling utilities

Version 0.3:

  • Data.Model.Util: - Removed 'dependencies', added (similar but not identical) 'transitiveClosure'