Changelog of @hackage/EdisonCore 1.3.3

Changes in 1.3.3

  • Updates to handle MonadFail changes in GHC 8.x
  • Updates to fix compile issues in GHC 9

Changes in

  • Fix compile problems on GHC 7.10

Changes in 1.3.2

  • Add Semigroup instances for all types that previously had Monoid instances.
  • Remove use of depreciated functions in Data.Edison.Assoc.StandardMap

Changes in 1.3.1

  • Remove Arbitrary and Coarbitrary instances for Data.Set and Data.Map. These are now provided by QuickCheck >= 2.8.2

Changes in 1.3

  • Updates to compile with GHC 7.10
    • Added Applicative and Alternative instances as required
    • Disambiguate the types of some operations
    • Resolve namespace clashes
  • Added stack.yaml file to build with stack

Changes in 1.2.2

  • Update edison-core to use QuickCheck version 2.*
  • Likewise update the test suite

Changes in

  • Minor fix to the StandardMap module to handle the API change in GHC 6.10

Changes in

  • Build system changes to remove mostly-superfulous dependency on haskell98, and to force dependence on the 1.x branch of QuickCheck.

Changes in

  • Build system changes to make GHC 6.8 and cabal >= 1.2.2 happy

Changes in 1.2.1

  • New sequence implementation based on Finger Trees
  • Add the 'Measured' class to the Data.Edison.Prelude
  • Addition of methods to EnumSet to project to a bit-encoded word and to create an EnumSet from a bit-encoded word
  • Additional minor changes to EnumSet
  • Fix a boneheaded mistake I made where I claimed most of Edison was licensed under BSD3, when it is in fact licensed under the MIT license. The practical differences are minor, and I hope this will not cause too many problems.

Changes in

  • Change use more efficient operations for StandardSet.{filterGT,filterLT} and StandardMap.{filterLE,filterGE,partitionLE_GT,partitionLT_GE}

Changes in 1.2 final

  • Fix documentation for sequences to reflect correct time complexities

Changes in 1.2rc4

  • introduce strict/strictWith operations for all APIs
  • add Ord* instances for PatriciaLoMap and TernaryTrie
  • add David F. Place's EnumSet implementation
  • complete the FiniteMap unit test coverage and fix a bunch of bugs in finite map implementations
  • add 'symmetricDifference' to Collection and Associated Collection APIs
  • add Ord instances for data structures
  • add Monoid instances for data structures

Changes in 1.2rc3

  • introduce the ambiguous/unambiguous concept and document all API operations
  • factor out methods which "mirror" superclass methods and make them alises instead
  • add lookupAndDelete* methods to associated collections
  • change the type of adjustOrDelete* in associated collections
  • rename subset/subsetEq to properSubset/subset
  • add matching Read and Show instances for all concrete datastructures
  • add properSubmap{By} submap{By} and sameMap{By} to the associated collection API
  • add Eq instances for concrete associated collections
  • break out the test suite into a separate sub-package

Changes in 1.2rc2

  • add strict variants of all folds and reduces
  • reverse argument orders to 'rcons' and 'lookup*' in Sequence
  • add symbolic operators for lcons, rcons, append, and lookup from the Sequence API
  • add symbolic operators for subsetEq, difference, intersection and union from the set API
  • rename 'single' to 'singleton' in all APIs
  • reaame 'intersect' to 'intersection' in Collection and Associated Collection APIs
  • add 'adjustOrInsert' to the Associated Collection API

Changes in 1.2rc1

  • modules re-organized into a hierarchy
  • user's guide distributed throughout source code as Haddock comments
  • use cabal for build system
  • add Data.Edison module to re-export typeclasses
  • reorder 'lookup*' and 'find*' methods for Collections and Associated Collections
  • add 'unsafeMapMonotonic' to main Collection API
  • organize QuickCheck properties into a full test suite
  • add a 'structuralInvariant' method to all APIs, for unit testing