@hackage DrIFT-cabalized2.2.3.3

Program to derive type class instances


This package contains a source distribution of DrIFT, a tool for automatic derivation of Haskell class instances. DrIFT was formerly known as Derive.

the current homepage is at http://repetae.net/john/computer/haskell/DrIFT/

Contents of this package:

  • src Directory with the source files of the DrIFT tool
  • example Directory with examples of using the DrIFT tool
  • docs Documentation

To configure and install DrIFT from the source tarball

./configure --prefix=

make install


is the directory in which you want to install the tool. Note that a haskell compiler (nhc98 or ghc) must be in your path. Otherwise, supply the location of a Haskell compiler as follows:

./configure --prefix=

--with-hc= make install

If you have pulled the source from the darcs repository, you must first build the autotools scripts by running

autoreconf -i

You may optionally sset DERIVEPATH to the list of directories you wish to search for modules.

as an example:


to run DrIFT, simply pass the haskell file name as an argument. you may run DrIFT --help to get a summary of the various command line options