@hackage DrIFT-cabalized2.2.3.2

Program to derive type class instances


This package contains a source distribution of DrIFT, a tool for automatic derivation of Haskell class instances. DrIFT was formerly known as Derive.

The current homepage is at: http://repetae.net/john/computer/haskell/DrIFT/

Contents of this package:

  • src Directory with the source files of the DrIFT tool
  • example Directory with examples of using the DrIFT tool
  • docs Documentation

If you have pulled the source from the darcs repository, you must first build the autotools scripts by running

$ autoreconf -i

To configure and install DrIFT from source or from Hackage, you have two options.


You can install through the GNU Autools, like thus:

$ ./configure --prefix=

$ make install


is the directory in which you want to install the tool. Note that a Haskell compiler (NHC or GHC) must be in your path. Otherwise, supply the location of a Haskell compiler as follows:

$ ./configure --prefix=

--with-hc= $ make install


You can also install through Cabal, the standard Haskell packaging tool with the usual set of commands:

  $ runhaskell Setup configure # optional --user --prefix=/home/user/bin
  $ runhaskell Setup build
  $ runhaskell Setup install # --user

(Remember, from Darcs requires autoreconf to have been run! If you are installing from Hackage, autoreconf should have already been run in the source tarball.)

You may optionally set the environmental variable $DERIVEPATH to the list of directories you wish to search for modules.

An example:


to run DrIFT, simply pass the Haskell file name as an argument. You may run 'DrIFT --help' to get a summary of the various command line options