@hackage BiobaseInfernal0.6.2.0

Infernal data structures and tools

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Provides import and export facilities for Infernal/Rfam data formats. We include Stockholm, CM, verbose Infernal results, and tabulated Infernal results. Some small tools are included.

The VerboseHit format is slightly extended to allow simple annotations. This extension should be backward-compatible with standard-compliant parsers.

This package uses Int's to store sequence position information. Don't compile for 32bit. (And yes, this is a TODO, to change to Int64).

Changes in

  • added CM parsing (implementation and interface subject to change)

Changes in

  • added cmalign results parser

Changes in

  • haddock should finish now

Changes in

  • multiple changes to data representation (mostly newtypes) and documentation

  • load the Rfam.fasta.gz file (and prepare lookup structures)

  • partial biocore integration