@hackage AC-BuildPlatform1.0.0

Detect which OS you're running on.

This package lets you easily query various facts about the system that your code is running on. Currently, it reports whether the operating system is "Windows" or "Unix", and also the name and version of the Haskell compiler used.

This package implements lots of complicated trickery to determine the build environment. Once built, other packages can query this information without needing to do complex trickery themselves.

Design assumptions:

  • You are using GHC, version 6.8.1 or newer.

  • You build this package using the Cabal-install tool. (Just doing runhaskell Setup won't work properly.)

If these conditions are not met, the package should still build, it's just that all the compile-time constants will come back as Nothing.

See also the included ReadMe.xhtml file.

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